North Texas - Audie Murphy Chapter Operating Year (1 July 2018 through 30 June 2019) Plan

  • Be the Acknowledged Voice for the US Army (Active, Reserve and National Guard), soldiers and army families across the North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter area of responsibility (AOR).
  • Be the primary Source of Information and Opportunity for chapter members to become aware of, and participate in, activities providing support to our constituencies.
  • Create Soldier for Life opportunities that enable our members to “remain in the fight” as active, relevant members of our Army.

Chapter “Lines of Operation” for 2018-2019

1. Wounded Warrior Support

Raise awareness and funds for Wounded Warrior Programs: Plan and execute the Annual AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter Wounded Warrior Golf Classic supporting North Texas – Audie Murphy Wounded Warrior Programs.

    • The chapter will execute the Annual Grand Prairie Air Hog Military Appreciation Day Baseball game around the May/June time in 2019. Drive 10 community partner members to the event and build a recurring revenue stream to them for driving their employees and family members to the event. A portion of the revenue of the event will go to both our Wounded Warrior causes and to fund the chapter Leadership program.

2. Education Programs

Passing the Torch Leadership Program. Provide interactive, immersive, and memorable leader development opportunities that enable chapter members to coach teach and mentor emerging Army leaders. The program focuses primarily on assisting university ROTC programs train the next generation of Army leaders. The chapter will also seek to create opportunities to expand the program to provide OPD/NCOPD to National Guard and USAR units within the AOR. Key program elements include;

  •  Conduct 2- 3 events each quarter in support of the university ROTC programs in our AOR and within the AUSA 4th Region. Events will be on campuses and will include dinner and soft drinks for attendees.
  •  Conduct 1 Battlefield Leadership Experience (BLE) in the Fall and 1 BLE in the Spring semesters using the Vicksburg Military National Battlefield in MS. Events will include 1 hot meal provided by the chapter to participants (another hot meal will be provided by the supported ROTC program). The chapter will coordinate for lodging support with available National Guard or USAR units in Vicksburg. The chapter will only fund these activities with monies raised from the Leadership Award Luncheon. The chapter will not fund these activities with funds raised at the annual golf tournament.
  • Conduct 1 annual BLE trip to Normandy France or other locations TBD during the Spring Break period for a small group of selected ROTC cadets (selection by supported university cadre). The chapter will not fund the program but will provide instructors as required. The for-profit arm of Pass The Torch will fund the travel expenses for Cadets and staff members. The supported university will be asked to support cadre participation with a $2500 per cadre member contribution.
  • Army Scholarship Foundation: Raise awareness and funds in support of the existing Army Scholarship Foundation (ASF) program. Support to include funding up to 10 scholarships and support ASF annual benefit luncheon by purchasing up to four tables.

3. Leadership Awards Luncheon Initiative designed to highlight and showcase one specific Chief Executive Officer or President of a company that through personal and corporate actions have demonstrated continuing Leadership traits in support of our nation’s military. The chapter will partner with the America’s Future Series on this event

Additional Focus Areas for 2018-2019 Operating Year

  • AUSA Legislative Agenda Support: The chapter legislative program is the chapter’s Voice for the Army advocating for a strong national defense and for support for all components of the Army family.
  • Initiate a “Young Professionals” Program focused on encouraging memberships by younger generations. We will be focusing on the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (IAVA) demographic.
  • Initiate an Army Reserves and Army National Guard Program focused on recruiting and retaining membership. The chapter will develop and present leadership, ODP and NCODP classes to organizations.
  • Dallas Veterans Day Parade (DVDP). The chapter will contribute to the DVDP and provide the Chief Judging Committee at the event. The chapter will also provide on-going support to the DVDP Planning Committee.
  • Army Birthday Celebration. The chapter will plan and conduct an Army Birthday Celebration seeking to include broad participation among civic, military, and private organizations across North Texas – Audie Murphy.
  • Grand Prairie Air Hog Fund Raiser. The chapter will organize and host the 5th annual fund raiser focused on Vietnam Era veterans support ICW the Grand Prairie Air Hog professional baseball team on in or around the first Home game Saturday in May or June 2019. Event will entail selling Executive Sponsorship Suites at the ball game and collaborating with North Texas – Audie Murphy community partners in the DFW area.
  • Dallas and Ft Worth ISD JROTC support. The chapter will fund multiple events hosted by the Dallas ISD or Ft Worth ISD JROTC departments. The partnership with the organizations allows our chapter to receive the benefit of extending our Leadership Programs into the local High School ROTC departments.

Specific Chapter Goals for 2018-2019 Operating Year

  • Increase Individual Membership to 2000+
  • Increase Corporate Memberships: to 70+ (Individual companies/corporations)
  • Increase membership of USAR and National Guard 25%
  • Increase contacts of Congressional delegates to 100/ quarter.
  • Attain Chapter of Excellence designation.
  • Raise $70,000 for designated Wounded Warrior programs.
  • Raise $15,000 for chapter operations.
  • Raise $44,000 for our Educational Programs (Passing the Torch $39,000 and ASF 5,000)

Chapter Executive Committee (EXCOM)

The EXCOM provides overall strategic and tactical leadership for the North Texas – Audie Murphy – Audie Murphy Chapter. The EXCOM is charged with the responsibility to create and administer programs providing chapter membership opportunities to serve soldiers and families in the North Texas – Audie Murphy AOR. No chapter member, who serves in any role at the state or regional level, may serve as a voting member of the EXCOM.

The following positions comprise the EXCO:

  • President: Serves a 2 year term
  • 1st VP (President Elect): Elected by general membership NLT 1-year prior to assuming role of Chapter President. Coordinates major chapter fund raising efforts
  • Secretary: Serves a 2 year term
  • Treasurer: Serves a 2 year term
  • Past President: Serves for period immediately after presidency. That person can officially represent the chapter president at National AUSA events.
  • VP Corporate Membership
  • VP Membership
  • VP Public Relations/Communications/Marketing

The Chapter President will appoint the following positions. Those selected will be non-voting members of the EXCOM:

  • Director Leadership Development
  • Director Reserve and National Guard Outreach
  • Director of Legislative Support/AUSA Resolutions
  • Director of Veteran Employment Initiative
  • Director of Young Professionals Initiative.

EXCOM responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establish Chapter Vision
  • Set Chapter goals and objectives
  • Manage Chapter Financials
  • Establish ADHOC Committee positions to oversee key chapter programs.
  • Maximize attendance at meetings.
  • Publish quarterly newsletters.
  • Maintain Chapter website.
  • Represent AUSA at key community events enabling advocacy for the Army, our soldiers, and their families

General Officer Advisory Committee

The chapter president will appoint a general officer advisory committee to advise the chapter o activities, plans and expectations. The committee will consist of three to five general officers. The committee will meet quarterly prior to a general membership committee. The chapter president will attend the meeting to garner knowledge to pass along to the chapter.

Chapter Succession Plan. The chapter will elect a 1st VP during the first year of current President’s tenure and send that 1st VP to next available New President’s training course to assure he/she is fully repaired to take over duties and responsibilities of President.

ADHOC Committee Meetings

There are no regularly scheduled ADHOC Committee meetings. Members serve on ADHOC project and advise the membership of opportunities to participate in activities that serve to “provide a voice for the Army and a support for the Soldier.”

Current ADHOC Committees include

  • AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy – Audie Murphy Wounded Warrior Golf Classic Planning Committee
  • AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy – Audie Murphy Leadership Awards Breakfast Planning Committee
  • AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy – Audie Murphy Air Hogs Military Day Planning Committee
  • Veterans Day Parade participation – Employer Support to Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
  • Liaison with West Point Association and other veteran organizations in North Texas – Audie Murphy area.
  • Military Order of the World Wars and American Legion Liaison
  • Dallas Veterans Council Liaison
  • Operation Veterans Support (Rotary International) Liaison
  • Wounded Warrior Program Liaison
  • AUSA Resolution Liaison
  • AUSA Legislation Liaison

Recurring Chapter Activities Include

  • General membership meetings are planned a minimum of three times during the year. They will provide opportunities for team building and increased communication, as well as furthering the objectives of the Chapter and the Association. Spouses and guests are invited (and encouraged) to attend
  • Monthly Chapter meetings are planned for breakfasts/luncheons in the months when no general membership meetings are held. The EXCO attends to Chapter business, to include financial reports, at these meetings. Presentations of timely matters impacting chapter programs and plans are presented by the responsible Executive Committee member(s). All chapter members are invited to attend. The chapter will conduct a minimum of 8 monthly meetings during the year.
  • Membership Drives. There will be fall and spring membership drives, as well as a continuous recruitment effort to meet Chapter and AUSA goals. This year will focus membership recruiting on the following organizations:
    ▪ National Guard and USAR members – 25% increase
    ▪ Corporations – goal is to increase to 70+ corporate members
    ▪ Retirees (Special focus on NCO membership)
    ▪ Civilians
    ▪ Young Professionals

Appendix 1 – Program by Quarters

First Quarter – (July – September 2018)

  • Monthly Luncheon (3)
  • AUSA Resolution Development
  • Annual Financial Report to AUSA National
  • Annual Audit of chapter financial accounts
  • Battlefield Leadership Experience ISO TCU, UTA, Baylor and UNT ROTC
  • 1 Membership Drive (Community Partner focus)
  • 1 Battlefield Leadership Experience – Seoul Korea
  • Chapter EXCOM Meetings (2)
  • General Membership Meeting (1)

Second Quarter (Oct-Dec 2018)

  • Monthly Luncheon (3)
  • Veterans Day Ceremony (Parade Support)
  • Chapter EXCOM Meetings (2)
  • Recruiting Command Annual Training Conference
  • AUSA Annual Meeting
  • Attendance at AUSA Annual Meeting
  • AUSA North Texas– Audie Murphy Golf Classic at Brookhaven Country Club
  • Chapter Leader Development Training – TBD
  • Christmas Party
  • SROTC Awards presentations

Third Quarter (Jan-Mar 2019)

  • Monthly Luncheon (3)
  • Presentation of Awards to JROTC Recipients
  • Membership Drive (Guard and Reserve Memberships)
  • Tel Aviv BLE
  • Normandy BLE or substitute location (Spring Break)
  • Battlefield Leadership Experience (Vicksburg) ISO TCU, Baylor, UT – Arlington and UNT ROTC – TBD
  • Chapter EXCOM Meetings (2)
  • General Membership Meeting (1)

Fourth Quarter (Apr-Jun 2019)

  • Chapter EXCOM Meetings (2)
  • Monthly Luncheon (3)
  • Air Hog Military Appreciation Day – May/June 2019 (TBD)
  • General Membership Meeting (1)
  • Army Birthday
  • Presentation of Awards to SROTC and JROTC Recipients

Appendix 2 – Operating Year Financial Plan


Corporate Dues

Individual Dues

Lifetime Members

Sustaining Members

President’s Club

Total Dues:

Wounded Warrior Events

Education Program Events













Chapter EXCO Meetings (8)

General Member Meetings (3)

Operating Expenses

Regional Meeting Support

National Meeting


Veteran’s Day Parade

Army Birthday

Institute for Land Warfare

NTX Veteran’s Events

Graphic and Media Support

Web Support


















Leadership Programs

Golf Expenses


Air Hog Event

Army Scholarship Foundation

Non-Profit Support

NTX Expenses



NET Operating Income












Appendix 3 – Major Fund Raising Events Plan

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy is committed to raising awareness and funds in support of Wounded Warriors, Education, and Veteran Support Programs in North Texas – Audie Murphy.

Chapter Goal: $150,000 in 2018-2019

Major Chapter fundraising events include:

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy – Audie Murphy Air Hog Military Appreciation Day

  • Objective: $7,000
  • Scheduled May/June 2019 at Grand Prairie Air Hog stadium
  • All expenses associated with the event will be covered by donations and Sponsorship fees. No chapter operating expenses will be directed toward the event. All proceeds will be directed toward designated Wounded Warrior programs supported by the chapter and the chapter Leadership Program. The AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Executive VP oversees the program.

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Wounded Warrior Golf Classic:

  • Objective: $90,000. $40,000 Net
  • Firewheel Golf Park in Garland, TX
  • All expenses associated with the event will be covered by donations, sponsorships and players entry fees. No chapter operating expenses will be directed toward the event. All proceeds will be directed toward designated Wounded Warrior and Education programs. AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Executive VP oversees the program.

AUSA Leadership Program

  • Objective: $44,000
  • Schedule – various dates and time throughout the year – BLE for Fall is TBD at Vicksburg, MS. Spring time is TBD
  • Request from National a 3 year, $10,000 per year Grant to expand the leadership program and drive new membership at both individual and corporate levels. Intent is to drive the program into the commercial marketplace
  • All expenses associated with the event will be covered by donations, sale of sponsorships, and participant fees (University support of cadre Normandy BLE, MRE’s and transportation costs associated with Vicksburg BLE and Leadership and a Movie events on campus). No chapter operating expenses will be directed toward the event. All proceeds will be directed toward designated Education Programs (Passing the Torch and Army Scholarship Foundation donations) programs supported by the chapter. Vice President of Leadership Development oversees the program.