AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter earns 13 awards

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter earns 13 awards
Stephanie Patrick – Guest Contributor —

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter received 13 national awards at the 2021 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C. It also placed second among all the chapters.

The awards are for work in 2020. AUSA recognizes the best AUSA chapters globally, choosing chapters with demonstrated exemplary dedication, innovation and resourcefulness in supporting soldiers, their families and Army civilians, providing a voice for the Army and honoring those who have served.

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter won 13 awards and placed second among 122 worldwide chapters recognized Monday, Oct. 11, at the national 2021 AUSA Meeting & Exposition. The educational-and-professional organization advocates for active, reserve and National Guard soldiers and Army families, creates soldier-for-life opportunities and engages community partners.

The chapter received praise for its efforts in 2020. The awards bestowed include:

  • Chapter of Excellence
  • Support to Recruiting Command
  • Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)/Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC)/Officer Candidate School (OCS)/US Military Academy (USMA) Support
  • Superior Chapter
  • Merit Chapter
  • Star Chapter
  • Vietnam Commemorative Partnership Program
  • Army Birthday
  • Best General Membership Meeting
  • Reserve Component Support
  • Community Partner Support
  • Take the Hill
  • Education & Programs
  • Army History
  • Professional Development
  • Soldier for Life
  • Volunteer Development
  • Young Professionals
  • Department of the Army Civilian Support
  • Best General Membership Meeting – Honorable Mention

It was named Best Overall Chapter from National Headquarters in 2015. The chapter, a nonprofit, is based in Highland Village and has more than 850 individual members and 40-plus Community Partners. It serves more than 1,000 people at the present time.

“The chapter’s work in the areas of supporting wounded warriors, Army and Department of Defense veterans, future soldiers’ programs, Army soldiers and their families, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the country’s largest military and veteran nonprofits,” said Dr. Patti G. McCoy, president of AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter. “Our chapter has served more than 1 million veterans, soldiers and their families from Dallas-Fort Worth to Wichita Falls by providing everything from support for wounded warrior programs to developing the leadership skills of future soldiers since 1990.”

Among its many activities, the chapter hosts the AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic. Seventy-five percent of the proceeds go to nonprofits serving veterans and future soldiers, as well as nonprofits supporting military families.

The chapter also received recognition for its work honoring and recognizing outstanding future soldiers enrolled in Junior ROTC and ROTC programs at Dallas Independent School District, Fort Worth Independent School District and Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. The award spotlights chapters sponsoring cadet professional development events, participation at university/college ROTC award ceremonies, presentations of AUSA medals and history awards to outstanding cadets, support for local ROTC programs, creation and support to AUSA ROTC companies at local institutions and participation in JROTC award ceremonies and programs.

Four TCU ROTC cadets received Roman Gladius swords in recognition of their scholastic achievements and leadership. Two JROTC cadets who recently graduated from Plano Senior High School earned recognition for their outstanding grades and leadership skills.

In addition, following the tradition of celebrating the Army’s birthday, the chapter honored future soldiers by hosting an enlistment ceremony. Chapter members also evaluated candidates’ applications for Army scholarships.

“As a chapter with board members the geographic area of Mineral Wells in the west, The Red River in the north, Texarkana in the east and Waco to the south, we’re able to understand and be a part of our members’ communities in a way that other chapters cannot,” McCoy said. “We were selected as a top-performing chapter because we are flexible, nimble and able to pivot quickly to capitalize on opportunities to be the voice of the Army and develop programs that support the active duty and retired soldiers and their families.”


Summer 2018 Newsletter


North Texas Audie Murphy Chapter Newsletter

Summer 2018

AUSA North Texas Change of Officers

On 14 June 2018, the chapter held its elections of chapter officers. the following persons were elected to their offices by unanimous approval by the general membership at our Annual chapter meeting. Officers will take over their positions on 1 July 2018. The names and new positions are as follows:

  • COL Phil Foster: President
  • CPT Tishaun Wilson: Vice-President of Community Support
  • COL Richard Kaniss: Past Chapter President
  • COL John Antal and COL JP Hogan: CO-Vice-Presidents of Leadership Program
  • COL Sam Wilder: Legislation Director
  • Joel Batalsky: Veterans’ Job Director
  • Sara Overal: Vice-President for Digital Communications

Celebrating 243rd Birthday of U.S. Army

On 14 June 2018,  The AUSA North Texas-Audie Murphy Chapter celebrated the 243rd birthday of the U.S. Army in the Fairview Town Hall, in the Town of Fairview, Texas. It was a spectacular day, with over 80 guests in attendance. Among Active Duty and Veterans in attendance, the Enlistment Ceremony was a highlight of the afternoon’s festivities. Among other encouraging, insightful words of wisdom for the new oath-takers, Col John Antal gave a powerful talk that tied history, love of country and honor together brilliantly. There was the tradition of eldest and youngest “cutting of the cake” and fellowship.

Volunteer Golf Meetings

August 4th & September 8th

AUSA North Texas-Audie Murphy Chapter will be hosting its Volunteer Meetings for the upcoming 2018 Wounded Warrior Golf Classic on August 4th and September 8th, 2018. Volunteers will meet at St. Paul the Apostle Parish Center. 900 St. Paul Drive, Richardson, Texas 75080. Meeting Time: 9 am.

Chapter Audit

August 4th 2018

AUSA North Texas-Audie Murphy Chapter’s Audit is set for August 4th 2018 at David Ewing’s Home, beginning at 1 pm. There will be a review, followed by a Short Year submission in order to meet the new AUSA National fiscal year calendar [1 January 2017 through 30 June 2018].

Goodie Bag Stuffing Party

October 13th

The AUSA North Texas-Audie Murphy Chapter is hosting a Goodie Bag Stuffing Party on 13 October 2018 at St. Paul the Apostle Parish Center at 9 am. Location: 900 St. Paul Drive, Richardson, Texas 75080. Volunteers will receive their assignments for the 2018 Wounded Warrior Golf Classic, pickup their golf event shirts, stuff 220+ goodie bags and enjoy fellowship.

2018 AUSA

Wounded Warrior Golf Classic

The Big Event we have all been waiting for is almost here! Registration begins for the 2018 AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic at 7:30 am at Brookhaven Country Club. Tee Time is 9 am. Volunteers, please report to event-site at by 6 am.

Army Scholarship Foundation Luncheon

October 24th

Another wonderful Army Scholarship Foundation Luncheon is scheduled for 24 October 2018 at Brook Hollow Country Club from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

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