a. President
The President shall be the chief executive officer of the North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter and will preside at all meetings, councils, and other advisory bodies to serve the interest of the Chapter. During the President’s absence, the First Vice-President shall perform these duties.

b. First Vice-President (President Elect or Immediate Past-President, see above)
The First Vice President shall perform duties defined by the President, shall act for the President whenever the latter is absent or unable to serve, and will be responsible for the development of the Chapter Plan to be implemented the following chapter year.

c. Vice Presidents
The several Vice Presidents shall perform duties, as defined by the President, within the implied scope of their respective titles. The order of succession, in the absence of both the President and First Vice-President shall be as listed in Section 1 of this article.

d. Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the Chapter meetings and the meetings of the Executive Committee. He/She shall keep the record of the membership of the Chapter and shall conduct and maintain a complete record of Chapter correspondence. He/She shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the President.

e. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall receive and account for all monies paid into or out of the Chapter Fund. He/She shall establish and operate a system of accounts for the Chapter and shall render reports monthly to the President. He/She will include checking and savings accounts in all reports. The Treasurer will submit to the Treasurer at National Headquarters financial reports on forms supplied by National Headquarters covering a calendar year. Date of submission will be as indicated by the National Treasurer.

Liaisons may be appointed by the various Military focused organizations and commanders of military units and agency directors in the North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter area, to both represent their organizations and command’s interests in discussions of mutual interest and provide for the necessary exchange of information and coordination of supported events between the Chapter and said organizations/units/agencies. These liaisons attend all the monthly board and quarterly general membership meetings of the chapter and at such other times as the President may call, consistent with their duties. These Advisors/Liaisons are a non-governing entity and must recluse themselves from voting on the Chapter’s matters of business.

The following positions shall be appointed annually by the President with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee. Incumbents will serve the same term as the appointing officer: A Chaplain and a Judge Advocate. Their duties where otherwise not prescribed in these By -Laws, shall be within the implied scope of their titles, as modified by the President. Other positions may be filled by appointment as required, with incumbents to serve for the period of the appointing officer. These Appointed Officers are a non-governing entity and must recluse themselves from voting on the Chapter’s matters of business.

Any elected officer may recommend, for appointment by the President, committee chairpersons as may be needed to further the mission of the Chapter. All appointed committees automatically are dissolved at the end of the term of the President, unless specifically extended at a meeting of the Executive Committee. They may be dissolved at any other time by the President. Creation and dissolving of any committee should be made a matter of record in the minutes of the first Executive Committee meeting thereafter.