Join the AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter 

Among the many benefits of being a member of AUSA the membership includes:

• ARMY Magazine received monthly, including the October Green Book which is an almanac of articles from Army leadership and reference information about America’s Army worldwide

• AUSA News received monthly, features relevant news about Army topics and AUSA reports on our support of the Army

• Membership in one of the Best chapters worldwide within AUSA

• Institute of Land Warfare publications and reports, in depth essays and reports on wide range of military topics

• Member benefit identification card for spouses

Eligibility to participate in the Membership Services Program

Corporate Membership

AUSA’s Corporate Members are local businesses, large corporations, civic groups, veteran’s organizations, societies and local community groups.

This program provides Corporate Members the opportunity to demonstrate to the community that they support Soldiers and their families while strengthening their own business opportunities.


  • Increase your companies visibility in the military market. Low cost advertising is often available through the local chapters.
  • Corporate Members may designate up to10 full memberships in AUSA.
  • Designees can attend the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C,. including the special corporate member reception and luncheon recognizing your corporate support of the Army.


1 Year:    $150 for two designees
3 Years:  $405 for two designees
1 Year:    $315 for five designees.
3 Years:  $855 for five designees.
1 Year:    $585 for ten designees.
3 Years:  $1500 for ten designees.

Dues include $16.50 a year per designee member for a subscription to ARMY Magazine and $14.00 a year per designee for a subscription to AUSA News.

AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter enjoys relationships with a number of Corporate Members.  Christopher De Garza, would be pleased to speak you and present our Chapter’s benefits.

To download a copy of the membership application click the button below.

Individual Membership:

The AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter enjoys building long term relationships with our individual members.  The chapter focuses on three specific projects:  Wounded Warrior Support, Affordable Housing for Veterans and Teaching leadership skills to college level ROTC cadets in our geographic area.  We would be pleased to speak with you and present our Chapter’s benefits.


To download a copy of the individual membership form click the button below.

If you are joining this Chapter from an area (State or County) outside of our membership area – your Chapter is  automatically assigned by your Zip Code to the Chapter nearest to your address (home or work). If you wish  to join this Chapter anyhow, remember to select the line – “Do you wish to change your Chapter?” Our Chapter number is 4404PRI.