Programs & Events

AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic

All of our chapter leaders are unpaid volunteers, however, operating the chapter costs money. In order to cover operating expenses and have funds to support our community programs, our chapter host the Annual AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter. The golf classic offers a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to showcase their support of the Army soldiers and their families. Proceeds benefit Wounded Warriors and their families in North Texas. 

To sponsor, participate, or volunteer for the Annual AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic, please email

Young Professional Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is designed to provide young professionals the skills to create a questioning culture that finds, frames, and solves problems, uncovering new opportunities and overcoming business challenges. Participants will walk away with the ability to recognize and dissolve the barriers restricting their company’s or business’ creative capacity to gain new insights and drive innovation. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of the types of productive questions that drive positive change and deliver greater individual and organizational value. Our dedicated leadership team presents relevant lectures, case studies, classroom/business experiences that enable participants to engage with and learn from Army mentors and leaders of Fortune 500 companies. 

For more information or to sign up for the Young Professional Leadership Series, please email

Support for US Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion

For over 10 years now, one of the main focus of the chapter has been to support the US Army Dallas Recruiting Battalion’s recruiting efforts from Mineral Wells in the west, The Red River in the north, Texarkana in the east and Waco to the south. This includes active duty, Army Reserve and Army National Guard recruiting. Our chapter actively supports the Battalion and seeks to provide opportunities for recruiters to interact with the community and build the future of the Army. 

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Future Soldiers Enlistment Ceremony

Future Soldiers Enlistment Ceremony 

Twice a year, the chapter helps the North Texas community provide the collective  support of like-minded parents, families, educators, business leaders, and veterans coming together for the purpose of honoring our nation’s Future Soldiers. The ceremony is open to public and the chapter ensures that following members of the Army family are invited to participate in the ceremony:

• Wounded Warriors
• Army Recruiting Command
• AUSA Community and National Partners
• Local Veterans Groups
• Military History Groups

To sponsor, participate, or volunteer for the Future Soldiers Enlistment Ceremony, please email

Army Birthday Celebration

Every June, the AUSA North Texas – Audie Murphy Chapter proudly celebrates the Army’s Birthday by hosting a recruiting ceremony and grades scholarship applications with the Army Scholarship Foundation. 

To participate in the Army Birthday Celebration, please email